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January 19, 2019 You are here : About Perspectives

About the Movement


The first Perspectives course in Chinese (Mandarin) is currently underway (fall 2011) at Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Tyndale Seminary Please visit www.ccst.ca or E-mail ccstts@tyndale.ca

Plans have also been started to translate the current English reader into Chinese. This is being handled by our International Perspectives leaders. More information can be found at:http://www.perspectives.org/site/c.cuIQJaNYKoL6G/b.7494059/k.AE01/Projects_to_Fund.htm 

Korean classes are now being given in Canada: Click Here

Korean version is identical in content to the notebook format used in North America.
Korean Internationally: Website: www.psp.or.kr
Email: psp@missionkorea.org

Languages in Progress: Spanish, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Bengali (contacts will be posted when curricula become available).