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Student Resources

The following documents are used by the students who take the Perspectives Course. Your class Coordinator will give you instructions throughout the course as to what you need to do. Click on the Documents you need to access and download the PDF copies.

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Personal Responses

Personal Responses are downloaded here. 

Personal Responses (Chinese)

Personal Responses for Chinese students are downloaded here.

All Lessons
All Personal Responses zip

Lessons 1 - 5
学习心得1 doc

Lessons 6 - 8 
学习心得 2 doc 

Lesson 9
学习心得 3 doc 

Lessons 10 - 11
学习心得 4 doc 

Lessons 12 - 14
学习心得 5 doc 

Lesson Reviews

Lesson Reviews (Chinese)

The reviews here are the weekly homework for Certificate and Credit level students. For Chinese students. They can be downloaded here.

Integrative Project

Two Integrative Projects: 

The People Group Research Project
The International Interview Project.

Credit students are required to do the People Group Research project
Certificate students may choose between the two projects

People Group Project
Overview and Requirements

People Group Project - Credit Level .pdf
People Group Project - Certificate Level.pdf
Citation Guide .pdf
Grading Guides
Credit Level .pdf
Certificate Level .pdf
Research Material
The Kurds
Finding Unreached People Groups on the Web .doc


International Interview Project 
For Certificate Students Only
Overview and Requirements .pdf
Citation Guide .pdf
Grading Guide .pdf

Exam Reviews

Credit students are required to take a midterm and final exam.

Covers lessons 1-8
Midterm Exam Review
Covers lessons 9-15
Final Exam Review 
Faith. Life. Meaning.