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January 19, 2019 You are here : About Perspectives

Bible School Recognition


The following Bible Schools in Canada have given credit for the Perspectives Course. Crdit students need to check with the Bible School of their choice to make the arrangements. Perspectives Coordinators will give assistance but it will be up to the school and the student to put things in place.    

Nova Scotia

  • Acadia Divinity School

Prince Edward Island

  • Maritime Christian College


  • Emmanuel Bible College
  • Heritage College & Seminary
  • Tyndale University College & Seminary


  • Briercrest College & Seminary


  • Alberta Bible College
  • Prairie Bible Insitute
  • Ambrose University College
  • Rocky Mountain College
  • Vanguard College

British Colunbia

  • Trinitry Western Univeristy
  • ACTS Seminary
  • Pacific Life Bible College
  • Columbia Bible College